I’ve had a great, great night tonight.  This was the most wonderful show…great charity.The performers in the show were so talented.  I had such a ball.  It’s phenomenal.

- Berry Gordy, Motown Records



The PATH Fund (Performing Artists That Help)

The PATH Fund, Inc.® is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting arts education. We support pre-professional training organizations with scholarship and program funding. Additionally, we support NYC’s thriving arts community by working with aspiring writers to develop new works of music and theater. 

​We are a community of artists, writers, musicians, designers, crew, producers, directors and fans coming together as one, promoting a good cause, sharing in a common goal and having a BLAST while doing it!

Rockers On Broadway has become one of the great nights in New York history.

- Leslie Gore, “It’s My Party”



This series of annual shows is always a great occasion, and everyone who takes part is honoring the fact that good rock music has a place on Broadway.

-Pete Towshend, The Who

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It’s a great cause. The performers are incredible.  So it’s always fun to be here.

- Steve & Maureen Van Zandt


ROCKERS WEST OF BROADWAY, based on the original Broadway rock concert series, a fun unique charity event, featuring Broadway’s best rockin’ out with Southern California’s best band, Calphonics.  

with Special Guests 

Micky Dolenz


Joe Bwarie 

Coco Dolenz

Steve Gouveia

Donnie Kehr

Michael Lanning

Jennifer Naimo

Erica Piccininni

Quinn VanAntwerp

Proceeds from ROCKERS WEST OF BROADWAY will go to non-profit performing arts education programs and PATH’s new works development series.

Free Admission!

Fun Raffles and Collecting Donations!

- John F. Kennedy

​​​If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.